When different experiences and cultures meet, the results are unique. Cue Gianfranco Zaccagni, a pasta-maker who jealously guarded his recipe and his bronze dies, some of which were more than a hundred years old. He shared his secret with just one person: his Romanian apprentice.

When Leonardo took over the company, drawn in by the myriad opportunities such good pasta could lead to, he wanted to make it even better. Working with Gianfranco’s apprentice and Pepe, a genius of artisan pasta-making from Salerno, Leonardo dedicated his time to testing flours and doughs.

And to watch over one of the most important places at the heart of his pasta factory? Women, of course – carefully monitoring the slow process of drying the pasta with their infinite patience. Erasmo and Maurice from Senegal he put in charge of breaking the spaghetti with their strong arms.

Over time, all these people have imbued our pasta with a unique character and taste that seem to come from afar, something special that could conquer the world.